Cream Rose Floral Flower Wall 60cm x 40cm

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Need a pretty and dainty flower wall for your wedding/event/home decor?
This beautiful and flexible panel is perfect for creating a stunning backdrop that is easy to hang.
The back of the flower wall is a plastic mesh that can be easily pinned or tied for effortless display.
You can also attach them to your wall with cable ties, nails and self tapping screws.

What you need to know
Reusable and durable easy to put up silk Cream Rose Flower Wall for weddings, events and any occasion you can think of!

The lifelike flowers creates a natural-looking flourish that guests will love!

Now enjoy the flowers always blooming in your place!

Size: 60 x 40 cm (23.6 x 15.7 inches)
Features cream rose flower
Creates a beautiful flower wall
Easy to hang and link together
Ideal for weddings, baby showers and more – please note these are not suitable for prolonged outdoor use.

Package Content

1 x Cream Rose Floral Flower Wall 60cm x 40cm